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"I have no doubt that any drummer's creativity will be expanded as a result of contact with Duallist."

The Duallist designer Kevin Mackie with the mysterious Sidewinder.

See Duallist and award winning designer Kevin Mackie at

The NAMM Show, California

(January 21-24, Booth 2876)
for an exclusive look at the newest addition
to the innovative brand!

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The full rane fo Duallist pedals Duallist D1 Single Pedal Duallist D4 Dual Beater Pedal Duallist D2 Double Pedal Duallist D3 Triple Pedal
Duallist Drum Pedals, Drums and Accessories combine innovation with function, design, dynamics and musicality.
Duallist Drum Pedals are behind the drumkits of leading drummers.