The Single Pedal with Double Pedal power!

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Duallist D4 - single drum pedal with double pedal power - click to change between single and double modes.If you love drumming, you'll love the award-winning Duallist D4 drum pedal!

The Great SINGLE PEDAL that becomes a DOUBLE PEDAL at the kick of a switch, without missing a beat. Duallist Drum Pedals - Triple Beater Pedal - The Ultimate Bass Drum Pedal Duallist D4 Pedal
Made from a space-age Polymer - tougher than steel!
Used by top drummers around the world (see our Artists).
Great Reviews (read Reviews).
Lightweight and very fast - built using racing bearings. International AWARD-WINNING pedal.
Great ONLINE prices straight from the manufacturer!
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"I have no doubt that any drummer's creativity will be expanded as a result of contact with The Duallist."

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...part of an award-winning family of pedals.

The full rane fo Duallist pedals Duallist D1 Single Pedal Duallist D4 Dual Beater Pedal Duallist D2 Double Pedal Duallist D3 Triple Pedal
Duallist Drum Pedals, Drums and Accessories combine innovation with function, design, dynamics and musicality.
Duallist Drum Pedals are behind the drumkits of leading drummers.