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Internet Explorer

Increasing Page Text Size

You can increase the size of the text using your web browser options.

Increase Text Size using Internet Explorer

Increasing Text Size in Internet Explorer

View - Text Size - Larger / Largest

Changing Colours Using Internet Explorer

Click on Tools

Changing colours in Internet Explorer

Then click on the Accessibility button in the window that pops up

Changing colours in Internet Explorer instructions

Then select the 'Ignore colors' option.

Changing colours in Internet Explorer more instructions

Note you could also select the 'Ignore font styles' and 'Ignore font size' options to alter the look and size of the text.


Increase Text Size using Firefox

Increasing Text Size in Firefox

View - Text Size - Increase

Changing Colours Using Firefox

Changing Colours in Firefox


Increase Text Size using Opera

Zoom and 100+ Percentage

Changing Colours Using Opera

View - Style - User Mode


Increase Text Size using Netscape

View - Text Size - Increase

Changing Colours Using Netscape

Tool - Options - then define your preference (this is of limited use)


Increase Text Size using Safari

Apple Key and '+' Key Back to top

Changing Colours Using Safari

Not Available

Links to External Sites

All links to external sites open in a new window and this site is not responsible for the content or accessibility of these referenced sites.

Problems Accessing Documents

If you have any problems accessing the documents published on this website, please contact us and we will supply you with the document in an accessible format.

Screen Reader Setting Recommendations

For users of JAWS we recommend the following sort order title|text|alt|href as the best configuration to set.

Useful Accessibility Links for PDFs, Browsers and Operating Systems

This site uses Portable Document Format (PDF) files. To view PDF files, you will need to download and install a PDF reader. The Adobe site offers:

Free Acrobat Reader

Accessibility Conversion Tools

PDF Accessibility Information

There is more information on PDF Accessibility and other issues from the RNIB (Royal National Institute of the Blind) Access Centre

Many web browsers have accessibility features, which help you use the web in the way that best suits you. We recommend you select the browser which best suits your needs, and these links give you some helpful guidance whether you want to best configure your web browser or download a more suitable one.

Note that there are many different web browsers available, and many versions of each of them, so it would be impractical for us to list them all here. We have chosen the most popular as a guide that you may find useful.

Internet Explorer help and support

FireFox help and support

Opera help and support

Netscape help and support

To configure your operating system to tailor its accessibility features to your needs, you can follow one or more of the links below

Microsoft publishes detailed information on changing Windows

Apple provides detailed information on configuring the Mac's operating system

The BBC also provides details on changing your operating system