Duallist D3 Triple Pedal

“It’s amazing how useful a third beater is!”
”Revolutionary idea - how it works is just genius!”

The most innovative and creative pedal we've ever produced the D3 Triple. As well as providing all of the great performance of a double pedal you get a third beater. This enables you to play fast bass drum rolls as well as using the left foot to punctuate the right foot rhythm. The right foot can also play single pedal patterns with just one beater and then kick into double mode for great double beater patterns - all with one foot!


-Tough & durable DupontTM Zytel® engineering polymer
-SpeedSwitchTM to change modes without losing a beat
-1 - 2 - or 3 beater operation
-Individually adjustable tension springs for power
-Adjustable spring clamps for power and beater angle
-High strength toothed super belt adjustable for throw
-Patented sliding drum clamp to adjust drum distance
-Beater power individually adjustable
-Optional belts, chains and cams available
-Close beater line-up hits the 'sweet spot'
-Around half the weight of conventional double pedals
-Great new silver look

Duallist Bass Drum Pedal -Triple Pedal - Three Beaters!







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