Duallist D2 Double Pedal

"The complete lack of squeaks and creaks increases the overall perception of smoothness... it’s attention to details such as this that ensures the Duallists will hold their own in some elite company."
The original Duallist Drum Pedal turned convention on its head. Now the Duallist D2 double pedal shows how ‘conventional’ double pedals should be made. The Duallist D2 pedal uses a double footboard, double beater design as seen on traditional pedals, but uses super tough, lightweight DupontTM Zytel® polymers, and low-noise mechanisms. The D2 has a range of adjustable features to enable fine-tuning to match the needs of the Professional drummer.


-Tough DupontTM Zytel® engineering polymer
-Optional drive chain, belts and cams
-Sliding drum clamp for optimum drum distance
-Adjustable low-distortion spring for consistent power
-Fully adjustable for power and feel
-Easy beater height adjustment
-Heavy duty adjustable carpet spikes
-Lightweight materials and pedal design
-Designed for the toughest performance
-Low noise operation - ideal for recording
-Left-foot configurations available
-Great new silver look

Duallist Bass Drum Pedal - Double Pedal







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