Duallist D4 Dual Pedal

“It’s the most innovative pedal I’ve ever played.” DENNY SEWELL (Paul McCartney, James Brown)
"Play double bass drum rhythms AND controlled hi-hats"

Using just one foot this pedal can be played as a single pedal and then at the kick of a switch bring in a second beater operated on the upstroke. The award-winning design has sold around the world. A highly practical single pedal with double-pedal performance, the Duallist frees up the drummer’s other foot for controlled hi-hats or percussion instruments. A fantastic innovative pedal that opens up new creative opportunities. Used by drummers around the world, the Duallist has a reputation as the creative drummer’s pedal. The Duallist D4 pedal


-Tough DupontTM Zytel® engineering polymer
-Optional drive chain, belts and cams
-Sliding drum clamp for optimum drum distance
-SpeedSwitch technology for single/double beater modes
-Fully adjustable for power and feel
-Easy beater height adjustment
-Heavy duty adjustable carpet spikes
-Lightweight materials and pedal design
-Designed for the toughest performance
-Low noise operation - ideal for recording
-Upgradable to a D3 Triple
-Great new silver look







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CLICK to see El Estepario Siberiano giving the Duallist D4 a workout.

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